Monday, December 1, 2008

Winding Down Time

It's the first of December and time to start thinking about what I've accomplished this past year as well as to plan for next. Yes, that's right, I said plan--something a lot of writers don't do. In this game, you have to stay ahead. If you don't, you'll surely fall behind.

To get things started, I renewed a relationship with one of my regular editors. I've worked with this particular publication for 15 years, but this year didn't do much for them. One of my specialties is writing about antiques and this publication is one of my regulars in that market.

I also began formulating an outline for my newest book on the American Southwest. This can take a while. The more thought I put into the structure of the book at this stage, the fewer problems I'll have along the way. And while too much detail can bog me down, too little will leave me with a vague idea of particular sections later on.

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