Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Book Deadlines Take Over

Sorry I’ve been rather quiet for the past two weeks. Between trying to make a book revision deadline and problems accessing the Internet, I’ve been going slightly crazy.

Books tend to take over a writer’s life. In the beginning, they require intense thought, then the job is to get those thoughts into some order so that they make sense to the reader. In some ways, revising a book for the second time involves even more thought.

When I write a book or an article for the first time, the writing seems right. Everything reads well. It doesn’t occur to me that I may have to revise it in the future. Revising can do several things for a book. First, it allows me to update pertinent information. And second, it gives me the opportunity to revamp my writing. Not having seen it for five years, I forget what it sounds like. In fact, when reading over the book, I didn’t even recognize it as something I wrote. That’s a good thing.

The more I write books, the more I conceive a concept that the book needs to follow. When I first revised this book on starting your own antiques business, I concentrated on getting all the antiques information right. This time, I see that the concept needed to be more business-like. Remember, some readers will be using this book as their step-by-step guide to running a successful business. While it may not be as intriguing as a novel, someone’s financial future depends on it.

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