Friday, December 5, 2008

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

In real estate, the motto is "location, location, location." Since it doesn't matter where I'm located as a writer, my motto is "promotion, promotion, promotion." It doesn't do me any good to write if I don't have readers. Speaking of which, isn't it about time someone reads this blog?

Sure I can rely on published works to get readers, but today, I have so many more opportunities via the Internet. And while the older generation struggles to use computers and occasionally get online, the younger generation has made this as much a part of their life as texting to friends.

Today, I've been working on updating my Web site. Take a look at Every year I thank my readers by posting a holiday message--I send the same one in print to friends who may not be Internet savvy. I started this practice in 1996. Back then, my message was a crude text message with even cruder text illustrations. Boy, have I come a long way. Now I use the latest in HTML coding to produce an electronic holiday message, complete with music.

Since I'm a non-fiction writer, what better way to promote myself than with a short article about some facet of Christmas. I love researching little known facts about holiday traditions. These little articles are a great way to show my readers that I'm thinking about them at holiday time.

But my Web site--actually sites, since I have four of them--are how I promote myself to the world. And they've brought in a lot of business over the years. So if you haven't created a site for yourself already, get started. In fact, make it your New Year's resolution. Need some help? I design Web sites, too.

And remember, "promotion, promotion, promotion."

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